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Identify, maintain and lease your greenspace assets with ease.

Empower your Council’s greenspace management team.
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Asset management software elements
Have everything you need at your fingertips

Have everything you need at your fingertips.

Don't wait for your task sheets to be printed each morning - have a constant insight into your daily or weekly tasks and real-time changes on one, user-friendly platform from your mobile device.

Get time back in your day to focus on other projects.

As a Greenspace Officer, you wear many hats. So, having a system of accurate and real-time data will help you boost your efficiency, free your schedule, and allow you and your team to accomplish other tasks.
Get time back in your day to focus on other projects

Support your decisions with reliable data.

Generate detailed reports and analytics on asset performance, condition, and maintenance history, and get valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Get your greenspace team on the same page.

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Identify, maintain and lease your greenspace assets in one place.


Quickly create a detailed inventory of all your assets, including their location, condition, and other relevant information. This ensures that you have a complete understanding of your assets' lifecycle, allowing you to make informed decisions about repairs, replacements, and upgrades.



Identify asset
Maintain asset
Lease asset

Features that will make your life easier.

Asset management

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organisation as you track, categorise, and manage all your assets in one place. Stay informed about the status, location, and condition of your assets. Make informed decisions with ease, optimise your portfolio, and watch your assets grow.

Task management

Workforce management

Leasing and receivables

Service desk

Asset management

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Leicester City Council
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"Just worth mentioning again that the new landing page has been up and running a few weeks now and has been a real success. We have had some really great feedback about it and I know it’s making my life easier so thanks again to you and your teams who have worked on both these projects for us." Sam Simpson Allotment Lead at Manchester City Council
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Get your greenspace team on the same page.

Streamline your greenspace management processes. Enhance the collaboration of your greenspace team.
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