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Service desk software elements
Enhance ticket management efficiency

Enhance ticket management efficiency.

A feature-packed and easy-to-use ticketing system lets you quickly log and track tickets with automation to ensure that user-logged tickets are correctly categorised and assigned to the right team for rapid resolution.

Custom ticket queues

Easy to create ticket queues that give agents clear visibility of their priorities and responsibilities.

Powerful site search

Quickly and easily find the tickets, assets or knowledge that you need.

Automated ticket assignment

Powerful automation that ensures tickets are properly categorised and get to the right team.

Simple ticket escalation

Re-assign or escalate tickets in one click and automatically alert team members and mangers.

Custom action types

Quickly and easily find the tickets, assets or knowledge that you need.

Canned response

Team and personal templates for quick, clear and consistent responses to customers.

Manage complex changes with ease.

Implement standard, normal and emergency changes with risk assessment, back-out plans, approvals and evaluation to ensure that changes are properly planned and risks mitigated.
Manage complex changes with ease

Coordinate changes

Use ITIL change types and customisable status flows to streamline change processes.

Manage approvals

Set voting rights and rules to ensure change activities adhere to standards and minimise risks.

Recurring change templates

Pre-define change activities to automate logging of common and repetitive change requests.

Change advisory boards

Deploy default and ad hoc CABs to engage the right change advisory teams.

Flexible change queues

Create multiple change queues to monitor and manage changes by type, status, risk and affected customers and infrastructure.

Enforce company standards

Use business rules to enforce back-out plans, risk assessments and change reviews throughout the change process.

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Efficiently resolve issues and minimise disruption

Efficiently resolve issues and minimise disruption.

Link problem tickets to existing or past incidents and minimise disruption by automatically sharing workarounds and resolutions, and saving these for future reference should similar issues arise.

Quick incident escalation

Escalate issues to problem management directly from tickets and assets.

Easy ticket linking

Link tickets to existing problems for quick access to status updates and workarounds.

Problem request management

Raise instant requests to alert problem managers to issues with potential for high business impact.

Simple ticket escalation

Apply workarounds and resolutions that flow through to linked incidents and automatically notify ticket owners.

Root cause corrective action

Ensure that correction processes are properly followed by linking problems directly to change requests.

Clear SLA status visibility

Use ticket list targets and colour-coding to help agents identify tickets that require a quick response or resolution.

Streamline SLAs for peak performance and efficiency.

Configurable SLAs that let you keep track of internal and external service agreements, and ensure that response and resolution times are correctly applied with alerts to ensure that targets are met and exceeded.
Streamline SLAs for peak performance and efficiency

Manage impact assessment

Combine impact with urgency to ensure correct targets, escalations and notifications are applied to tickets.

SLA automation

Keep on track on and on time with statuses that control SLA clocks and categories that regulate SLAs.

Infrastructure SLAs

Link assets to SLAs to ensure that issues around critical infrastructure are alerted to the right team in time to act.

Multiple service hours

Assign SLAs that operate within standard business hours and extended time-frames to support all service level offerings.

Clear SLA status visibility

Use ticket list targets and colour-coding to help agents identify tickets that require a quick response or resolution.

Full control over SLAs

Create multiple escalation rules with response, resolution and escalation schedules, and alerts as SLA targets approach.

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Effortlessly track and optimise your assets

Effortlessly track and optimise your assets.

Powerful asset management that is fully integrated with ticketing features that allow you to register, support and maintain all your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Unlimited asset templates

Create custom forms that capture the exact information you need for each asset type.

Search & filter asset lists

Slice and dice assets by their type, status, ownership, maintenance and location.

Record asset history

Instant visibility of what asset changes took place and when.

Simple asset allocation

Drag and drop assignment of assets to people, infrastructure and locations.

Asset renewals

Register important dates with reminders, notifications and alerts to agents and teams.

Powerful asset tracking

Manage asset assignment, loan schedules and disposals from one place.

Transform data into actionable insights for enhanced business performance.

Create, share and reuse dashboards and reports using simple filters to provide analytics and insights about your support teams, the customers they look after, and your assets.
Transform data into actionable insights for enhanced business performance

Report generator

Quickly create reusable ticket and asset reports through a simple point-and-click report builder.

Report manager

Control report access and sharing between support teams.

Ticket & asset list export

Single-click export of ticket and asset information from any screen.

Dashboard generator

Create and share multiple dashboards using simple chart-builders.

Customer dashboards

Give your customers easy access to stats with charts and drillable ticket-panels on their self-service portal.

External reporting connectivity

Populate business intelligence systems and other vendor reporting tools through direct database connection with hosted and on-premise instances.

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